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August 2014
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  • 03Jun

    // Uber connects riders to drivers through a mobile app (instant luxury taxi service). They recently played with foodie outings by teaming up with the Chefs Feed food app, offering up dining recos directly from top U.S / Canadian chefs. The #UberOmakase campaign contest promises an outstanding night out with coveted chefs like Jason Stratton, owner of SpinasseArtusi, & Aragona or chef @Robb_Gentile of Buca. One person + one guest join pro chefs in an Uber ride to bring a Chefs Feed experience into a reality. Best part? Very quick & easy. Get the promo by downloading the Uber app in the iTunes StoreGoogle Play, or, to enter a promo code (like SEACHEF or ChefsFeedNYC) and you’re registered.

    Social campaign.

    Social campaign.


  • 01Apr

    // ‘Dropped’ Apr/1: An original partnership between a Seattle-based ad agency and the scientific community inspired scent-based marketing. Brand Drops was announced as the world’s first branded aromatic rain. A biotech marketing sensory tool that can inject custom scents into rain droplets to promote new brand experiences. They even claim to be attending the ScentWorld2014 conference alongside brands like NBC/Universal & Hilton Worldwide. Most creative AF stunt seen in a while. :0) 

  • 26Feb

    // Clever & creative partnership from the Beats by Dr Dre brand with UK drum ‘n’ bass band Rudimental recently. The artists produced an interactive experience through collaborative song (“Powerless” feat. Becky Hill) enabling YouTubers to control the video, similar to being at an audio mixing console. The experience, created by Europe’s Droga5, Wilderness & Pulse Films, created six original films built in time with the song using a customized YouTube player. Nice.

  • 05Jan

    // 2013 was so riveting and tumultuous, it deserved a blank for most of it. Neglect aside, creative ideation and campaigns keep flowing.

    Love the nearly 3:00 minutes of “Kendrick/Dre, Beats by Dre – Director’s Cut” naturally showcasing branded content for beats by dr.dre, specifically the Beats Pill & Beats Pill XL are on display. The spot features Dre and Kendrick Lamar working through a new track in the studio. The director’s cut of the same commercial gives an extended tease to a new Dre and Kendrick collaboration. I wish more brands released the director’s cut. More interesting and op for exclusive mass digital coverage that threads in enticing PR.

    Director: Paul Hunter | Prettybird Co-Founder & Editor: Paul Martinez | Arcade Edit

  • 07Jun

    //  Corona Canada hosted one of the largest paint parties in Canada on May/31. Over 1,000 people made a colourful mosiac in an assigned paint zone at Yonge / Dunas Sq to celebrate. Everyone wore white to use their body as a paintbrush and ultimately, create an original work of art. For the less adventurous, you could add to a chalk-drawing mural or even get a Live Mas Fina (Spanish for the finest) tattoo from one of the airbrush artists. The Corona Paint Party was the brand’s first experiential activation of the “Live Mas Fina” positioning it debuted in Feb.

  • 20Mar

    // Baileys Irish Cream partnered with a particular Canadian designer who I recall had an interesting Fall / Winter collection at the 2009 WMCFW, formerly known as LG Fashion Week.

    Lucian Matis has come a long way, revealing the liqueur brand’s slick new image in a dress made of broken glass. But, a very elaborate one at that. The dress took 125 hrs and 3 people to put together. It was made of old Baileys bottles and flattened beads and glass. Wow.

    The dress is going to be worn on the runway during Toronto Fashion Week. The designs are positioned as “a symbolic nod to the brand’s new bottle style.” The new look embodies a taller & thinner bottle shape than the typical round-bottomed version. Reminds me of the Stella esthetic changes in a few respects.

    Juliane Trenholme, MD for Baileys Canada said, “We’ve tried to really echo virtues like being strong, being spirited, being elegant.”

  • 06Dec

    // Voted one of the best commercial spots and well-told stories of 2012. This summer’s London Olympics spot for P&G, a ‘proud sponsor of moms’ found a director that was able to create an authentic way to pay homage to mothers around the world who nurtured high-performance athletes. W + K worked with Babel director Alejandro González Iñárritu to produce the story.



  • 10Aug

    // Last night’s Dîner en Blanc was hosted in Toronto. DEB hosts global inaugural impromptu dinner parties in outdoor venues around the globe. The rain didn’t get down well over 500 guests on the grounds of historic Fort York for a picnic (white attire a must). If anything, it added a more ceremonious atmosphere. You can find out more on Facebook or Twitter.

    Photographs comps of Tara Walton, Toronto Star

  • 11Jul

    // “We’re Greatest Together – Dress” is my favourite spot out of the 5 videos featured for The Calgary Stampede’s 100th Anniversary. The song ‘Ride’ is by artist Wil Mimnaugh featuring vocals from Jamie Fooks. You can download the full version here or just check out this year’s events on YouTube. Each video spot has a theme – dress, dine, create, ride and dance. This video brings you on a journey through classic visuals representing the Stampede like: the vintage buckles, dusty boots, spirited costumes and, beautified cows and horses. Great storytelling.


  • 05Jun

    Dîner en Blanc - Montreal, 2011

    // Le Dîner en Blanc officially comes to Toronto this year on August 9th - looking forward to exploring the venue. Aside from Montreal’s take on the impromptu communal dinner above, think a sea of people heading to a secret outdoor location to experience an elegant pop-up picnic. Expect a collage of interesting food, wine & live music. Oh yeah, wearing white is important too. The idea started over 20 years ago in Paris and is now 15,000 strong. Everyone brings their own table and chairs; carrying them through the streets or subway to a secret location. The Toronto event is first come, first served. Register here.

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