// AdAge posted some noteworthy news on a new startup tv network called, and gave a pretty good idea as to what they are up to. Blip TV = A new world where thousands of startup web shows that address a niche and are ad-friendly will live. Big surprise, I know. Blip is looking to content like “Nostalgia Critic,” “Epic Fu,” “Average Betty” and 48,000 other shows. announced new distribution deals, including YouTube, NBC local sites, the Roku set-top box and IAC’s Vimeo.’s existing distribution with Verizon Fios, Sony TVs, Apple’s iTunes, AOL, MSN, Facebook and MySpace = maximum distribution online. YouTube will apparently share analytics with, so the network can tap into ComScore & receive more targeted metrics for advertisers. Interesting interview above on’s CEO, Dina Kaplan.

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