Old school Biggie for St. Ides

Fox Searchlight hired Jamal Woolard, a Brooklyn-based rapper, to play the late rap icon Biggie Smalls in its upcoming biopic Notorious, release date is set for Jan 16th 09 in the US.

Back in 1995 St. Ides (manufactured by Pabst Brewing Co.) threw up an intense National urban marketing campaign to promote their brew. Notorious B.I.G is shown in this TV spot pushing the 40 oz of St. Ides, marketing to youth in and out of the hood. For a time period, the public got to keep “ill” posters at every liquor store in the hood free with a 40 oz purchase.

Other rappers that co-signed: Dr.Dre, Snoop & 2Pac, Ice Cube & King T.

Brand: St.Ides Malt Liquor

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