john nouanesing


// Love stimulantonline (and the random cool section) The site posted a highlight on French product designer John Nouanesing’s hand-shaped “Talk to the hand” notepads. Here is a posting from his website:


Today I come with a collection of 3 chairs: Shezu, Siya, and Chairu. They are very simple and have absolutely nothing special.

So, I have to go back to the Soul Society, katana training with my Wiimote. I’m trying to cut everything in my way. Indeed, I have to fight against Duncan MacLeod next week, because he’s stolen my favorite DVD of Zatoichi while I was sleeping a night of october in 1783 in Japan. It was the Edo era, and we had a lot of fun. We freed several persons, releasing their soul from the wandering. I remember that like it was yesterday… Ahlalaa…

So, see you next time,