the invasion


// Travel site Atrapalo and agency Havas created “The Invasion”to promote the airline. The internet was invaded by red leeches. The innovative new ad format appeared to be stuck on websites outside of conventional banner space and did not disappear when users navigated to another page. The worms were spread throughout popular sites and blogs, including realistic photographic evidence portraying the creatures. As soon as a person was brave enough to “touch” one of the creatures with their cursor, a jar appeared, giving the user the opportunity to catch and save it. Warning banners were spread throughout the web and this was supported by outdoor and radio activity which looked like public health announcements. The message was sent out that the creatures could come out of your computer and invade your house.  In the end, the deal was users could catch the creatures to win prizes including holidays to Australia and South Africa. Brand awareness increased by 61% and there were 1 million captured worms & Atrapalo even received 60,000 new registered users…surprisingly. Comp of CMDglobal.