all hail the bloody caesar


// The classic drink, the Caesar, is one of my die-hard favorite beverages to consume in all Canadians seasons (that’s fall, winter, spring and summer for OOT). The beautiful bloody caesar turns 40 this month & to celebrate the anniversary of the Canadian cocktail Mott’s hosted a party at Calgary’s Westin hotel, where bartender Walter Chell poured the first Caesar in 1969. So very interesting: An Italian and a fantastic cook and came up with a concoction of mixing clam juice, with tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and vodka and because of his Italian ancestry, decided to call it Caesar,” recalled granddaughter Sheena Parker.”There was a British man at the bar at the time and he said, ‘That’s a bloody good Caesar’, and that’s where he came up with the Bloody Caesar.”Mott’s Inc. started producing Clamato juice later in 1969. Need more? Source CBC.