Rethink Romp 09



// Rethink is taking glamour underground on Jun-11-09 at the Burroughs Building on Queen Street West in Toronto. Check out their excellent site on the event here. To beat breast cancer, Rethink has delved into a creative rethinking of their National awareness campaign through an annual event called Rethink Romp. Expect a Joe Fresh beauty station, a cool pop-up hair salon at the Coupe Bizzarre setup, flash a smile at the Gibson photo booth or wear & tear your shoes to music by Peter Elkas. A few secrets have to be kept so keep in mind there is much more…Here is a breakdown of the TO event straight from the horse’s mouth: Speakeasies, jazz, bobbed hair and moonshine! Prohibition will be a roaring party worthy of bootleggers and flappers alike. Grab your hip flask, put on your fishnets, and take the freight elevator up to the best kept secret in town!