Crispin Porter & Bogusky win 08 creative of the year

“Design, Utility & Phenominal” summed up the agency when Creativity named Crispin Porter & Bogusky 2008 agency of the year. Oh and CP + B has twice been named digital agency of the year at Cannes. The following campaigns are the brainchildren of
CP + B:

The Whopper Freakout
-Domino’s BFD – Big Fantastic Deal
-The Volkswagen Minivan with Brooke Shields
Coke Zero Rooftop Racer (NASCAR themed game)
-Microsoft – Webfilms starring Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld “I’m a PC”

The “Factory” is said to have pumped out some of the most important bits of brand creativity of the year.

-Source: Creativity

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