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// If social-media apps throw **** at your brand, does the whole public jump? According to surveys the answer is NO. Basically telling marketers that they shouldn’t rush to silence every “micro-outrage” that is all too commonly expressed by every human being using these platforms as way to strike back…This is important because I think during a recession brands may have a tendency to be hyper sensitive about comments.

Compliments of AdAge: Johnson & Johnson’s Motrin broke creative of a mom complaining that wearing your baby “in fashion,” via a sling, can cause back and neck pain. It offended some in the social-media sphere, and an army of Twittering moms got the brand to yank the ad and issue a “my bad” on its site.

In other news, CTV Canada is opening a new television network on front street for senior boomers called The New Seniors Living Channel.

(In other news, April Fools!)