Television Sector = Support + Competition

The Directors Guild of Canada’s National Executive Director and CEO, Brian Anthony, appeared before the federal Competition Policy Review Panel at its hearings today in Montreal. The panel, announced last summer, is expected to report to the Minister of Industry this June on competition policies and foreign investment issues.

In his remarks, Anthony stressed the importance of maintaining current ownership restrictions, a central issue and the subject of the Guild’s written submission. He went on to comment on other proposed measures to make the Canadian film and television sector more competitive. The film, television and new media workforce is a large talent pool and a great national resource. In order to maintain the competitiveness of this talent pool in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive environment, however, a number of issues must be addressed such as education, training, professional development and skills upgrading. Recognition of the unique employment patterns of those who work in the entertainment sector was also recommended through such measures as income averaging for tax purposes.

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