The art of stretching social networks

5 Ideal Goals:

1. Stay Connected: The Power of social recommendation
A strong element of trust exists among online social networking communities. Forrester estimates that 80 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends online.

2. Understand consumers motivations
Users exchange information online using different levels of engagement. Ponder about both the author’s and reader’s incentives.

3. Express a brand
People are using social networks to express their individuality. Advertisers should allow their brands to express its character as well while hopefully remaining authentic.

4. Create good conversations
Individual social networkers are powerful content creators. Their ability to make, or break, a brand by starting a conversation or community online means that brands that are willing to have a dialogue fit more naturally into this environment, and could truly benefit from its viral power.

4) Empower participants
Some networkers welcome brand association as it allows them to express their individuality and preferences within their chosen network. As marketers, we are entering a world of consumers who have been given the power to control what content they receive, and when they want to receive them.

-Source: MM

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