// #debTO

// The “dîner en blanc” concept was born in Paris 25 years ago. On Sept.17 Toronto + team will host their version of the now international event (40 cities globally). A small number of tickets for DEB Toronto will be released today @ 4 p.m. If you received a phase 1,2 or 3 invite you’ll have a chance to register for select spots. At the very last minute, the dinner location is sent to members who waited for the reveal of DEB’s secret venue. Usually hundreds to thousands, dressed all in white, will meet for a mass picnic in a public space. It’s an impromptu communal dinner (think elegant pop-up picnic). Expect eclectic people, interesting live entertainment, food + culture. Everyone brings their own table and chairs, carrying them through the streets, subway or private shuttle to get to the destination. All alcohol has to be purchased through the DEB online store. Register here. Oh, you can get the doc called “Diner en Blanc: The World’s Largest Dinner Party” on iTunes here.

The DEB doc reveals the true story of how a flash-mob picnic started 25 years ago by 10 friends seeking to have dinner in a forbidden spot in Paris turned into a global event.