The case of of the viral message

Is viral effective? – Lately their has been quite a bit of talk about making your brands message ‘go viral’. It is a continuous push for most who work in pr and digital marketing. I have to agree, viral is an effect, not a strategy.

Bloggers report on the latest viral mishap: Queensland Tourism. QT launched an offering to get a dream job earning $150,00 a year blogging from a beautiful tropical island (applicants had to submit a video). The idea was so contagious it went viral from the start and the PR surrounding the launch spread globally, resulting a crash on the co website due to major traffic flow.

Now to the spot above, an artistic and lulling promo for Wustenrot bank (rare for a bank to have a less indirect approach to convey their brand). Created by Tony Peterson Film in Germany.

Client: Wustenrot
Jung Von Matt
Creative Director:
Thomas Niederdorfer
Agency Producer:
Sabine Schmalenbach
Production Company:
Tony Peterson Film,
Sonny London