// beginnings & beats

// 2013 was so riveting and tumultuous, it deserved a blank for most of it. Neglect aside, creative ideation and campaigns keep flowing.

Love the nearly 3:00 minutes of “Kendrick/Dre, Beats by Dre – Director’s Cut” naturally showcasing branded content for beats by dr.dre, specifically the Beats Pill & Beats Pill XL are on display. The spot features Dre and Kendrick Lamar working through a new track in the studio. The director’s cut of the same commercial gives an extended tease to a new Dre and Kendrick collaboration. I wish more brands released the director’s cut. More interesting and op for exclusive mass digital coverage that threads in enticing PR.

Director: Paul Hunter | Prettybird Co-Founder & Editor: Paul Martinez | Arcade Edit