// big style for baileys

// Baileys Irish Cream partnered with a particular Canadian designer who I recall had an interesting Fall / Winter collection at the 2009 WMCFW, formerly known as LG Fashion Week.

Lucian Matis has come a long way, revealing the liqueur brand’s slick new image in a dress made of broken glass. But, a very elaborate one at that. The dress took 125 hrs and 3 people to put together. It was made of old Baileys bottles and flattened beads and glass. Wow.

The dress is going to be worn on the runway during Toronto Fashion Week. The designs are positioned as “a symbolic nod to the brand’s new bottle style.” The new look embodies a taller & thinner bottle shape than the typical round-bottomed version. Reminds me of the Stella esthetic changes in a few respects.

Juliane Trenholme, MD for Baileys Canada said, “We’ve tried to really echo virtues like being strong, being spirited, being elegant.”