the medium is still the message

// Summer is definitely here and I took a (semi) break from the intense digital world. This is a great find, comps to Marketing Magazine. Canadian savant, or media and culture prophet as MM would say, Marshall McLuhan turned 100 on Jul 21. His knowledge, wisdom and predictions in media and the creation of a “global village” resonate to this day. Enter 2011, and evidence of McLuhan’s insights are still being used to dissect the plays and convergence between technology and a global society. I particularly love one key phrase that sums up one of the only reasons I would take interest in advertising campaigns. McLuhan stated, “advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.” Even though he rebuked the ad world, he also recognized its significant role in shaping cultures. Check out 5 McLuhan predictions that came true (aka McLuhanisms), here.