not made for running, great for kicking a**es

// Diesels says stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret free life. Agreed, I wouldn’t want to live any other way. Last year Diesel created a comedic ‘Be Stupid’ PR / SM campaign message for their brand. As in, being stupid = fun and mischievous. Diesel really hit home, there is tons of enjoyment in safe & stupid fun. Diesel Japan gave this opportunity to consumers while communicating an ‘ass-kicking’ theme. Idea? according to Cream, “present Diesel sneakers as the superior shoe for ‘kicking ass’ in such a way that would generate buzz and inspire viral communication across social networks and forums.”  So, an  ‘Kick Ass Hall’ contest was born at the Nagisa Music Festival in Tokyo & Osaka (ahem, kicking someone in the derriere is especially rude in Japan) but hey, a pair of free Diesel sneakers was in the deal. Idea became a game, and spread online quickly through social tactics, you get the picture. My favourite A-kick videos are the ballet, and Study #5 versions. If you have an exceptional sense of humour and don’t offend easily, you might be able to stomach the non P.C. #6 Assland spot.