// I was reading a book this week about learning to balance your life (thanks LO). One thought from the author stuck out, mentioning, “Those who use the right side of their brain will come across long stretches of time without inspiration, similar to writer’s block or artist’s cramp, and yet the best time to tap into the vein of imagination is what some call the stillpoint of consciousness.” How true to my own experiences. In that light, I wasn’t necessarily inspired by Moby’s new photography book & album called “destroyed” (yet), but rather curious about his talents behind-the-scenes. He composed a 128 page book of photos taken from his travels around the world of seemingly empty spaces transformed into thought-provoking contrasts. Moby describes his new work as “broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 a.m.” You can look out for the album to be released around May of this year. Comps to Stimulant, once again, for the news.

Get your own comp EP here ( e.p contains 3 songs – be the one, sevastopol and victoria lucas):