stamps bring light to dark subjects

// Those with mental health issues seem to enter my life often. I’m convinced there is a reason for it, and believe we need to become a more understanding society when it comes to listening and coping with these inflictions. Recently, Canadians were asked to vote for their favorite stamp design in Canada Post’s mental health stamp design competition. Local Toronto artist Marie Tomeoki (contemp abstract artist) is 1 of 5 finalists chosen by Canada Post in its competition. This is also the first time Canada Post has allowed Canadians to vote for a stamp design. Art helps Marie Tomeoki deal with her own mental health issues. Marie candidly commented on her project by saying, “My design is about shielding yourself from the hardships of reality and life, and no matter what happens you can always find hope.” She also mentioned “My art reflects my soul; rare and diverse, treasures unique to all individuals.” More than 300 submissions were sent in between the launch of the competition in Nov and Jan. Apparently, during the first phase of the competition, the site got a 1/2 million hits from voters. The prize offered to the individual whose design was the most popular online won an iPad and a spot as one of the 20 semifinalists.