boom go the dollars & time

// Another minor setback in the creation of my boom lifestyle online network this week…such is life. Speaking of boomers, there’s been plenty of news on this demo recently as so many edge retirement; apparently there were 8.8 million babes born between ’46 & ’65! Next year, the 1st boomers turn 65, and over half will keep working after 65. For money? Right? Environics Research Group co-founder Mike Adams (who is 64), admits “baby boomers will keep working because we think it will keep us alive. Leaving a legacy is very important, and the admiration of our kids.” So mom, dad, pony up and make me proud…by producing (& airing) the documentary you always wanted to make and travel to the destinations you fantasized about. You know which dream belongs to whom, or is it more like which hallucination, ha.