lg fashion week

Comps of Fashion Magazine (batteries died!)

//Designer Jennifer Waters is quite charming, she tells me about the inspiration behind her new 2011 collection called House Of Groves, “it’s Annie Hall meets the 70’s meets Wallace Simpson, meets me”, she says. She’s debuted her collection at LG fashion week in Toronto, offering complimentary cupcakes branded with her label. I got chills down my body (always do) when the music starts and the very first designs are displayed, partly excitement for Jennifer, coupled with my own.  Her profile describes her line as “epitomizing understated luxury combined with meticulous tailoring of mens-wear”. I have to say, Toronto has featured an exceptionally talented breed of designers that appear at fashion week, some new & some repeats, but the market in Canada seems too small to really grow a brand.  House Of Groves 2011 Spring / Summer collection used only natural or eco-friendly fabrics, and was full of feminine, life-giving qualities of elegance, embracing beige, white, black and my personal favorite, coral, colours. BlogTO has great video and photo coverage of some of the highlighted shows, but not all of the designers showcasing this week.