//It’s always nice to take a break and enjoy the long weekend, so I hope you did too. It’s back to school, and speaking of, OCAD Uni announced a natural progression to their educational roster of programs, it’s called the  Digital Futures Initiative (DFI). The program was created to attract global creative talent to challenge themselves by fusing together art, design and technology in our increasingly demanding digital media world. “The DFI undergrad program is unique to art and design universities in North America,” says Paula Gardner, 2009/2010 DFI Chair and Associate Professor, Faculty of Liberal Studies. “[It allows] students to ‘get under the hood’ of science and computational logics, to foresee future needs and creative applications of a range of technological practices. OCAD’s Digital Media major is practice-based, merging hybrid technology and computation with aesthetic and critical inquiry. [It] will offer students the opportunity to engage with industry in a range of creative ways, including research projects and investigations of new technologies.” Phew, I think I’ll just opt for my course on the art of the blog.

Introducing Nudgeables, a fashion tech project by Kate Hartman, leading OCAD’s new Wearables Research Lab, which is geared to artists creating wearable technology such as clothing with built-in electronic devices.