oh yeah, my facebook page


// Social Media strategist and developer Janice Diner is talking about what you should really do with your facebook page @ mesh today. She presented a ton of useful info on what brands are doing with fb. Four of facebook’s key principles are about Making It Social, Keeping It Simple (more adopters), Optimizing Your Speed and Integrating (keep it within the fb experience). Here’s a starting point, as in 9 important considerations like: Strategy, Integration, Engagement, Be Transparent, Use Metrics, Monitor, Use Resources, Activate/Launch and Be Relevant.

What not to do? Think of an idea like creating a miscrosite inside a tab, doesn’t make much sense. Best to provide utility and purpose with engagement, and discover what doesn’t work through audience reactions.


TSN facebook Live Stream – watch the broadcast and chat while on fb, unbranded and branded versions available

Starbucks experiential – You can now completely manage and reload your starbucks card using your CC in fb, WHAT’S NEXT? Soon, you’ll be able to give your friends a gift by reloading their card

Limited Posts > Fans can purchase the product directly from their news feed or brands wall (wall post e-comm))

Facebook Connect – The Huffington Post experienced massive growth with the help of this tool

Pantene/P&G – Is selling products directly to consumers inside facebook through a Shop Now button

Contest – Work. period.

Artscape – Is a non-profit org who is NOT directly selling, they’re revitalizing buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities through the arts and just managing fb pages and groups.

Brand Value Prop – You can sell your brand space inside your customized tab