Urgent Action on Copyright

“Independent Canadian producers are being ignored in the ongoing debate on Copyright reform, as anti-reform groups try to frame the discussion as the multinational interests versus Canadian consumers,” according to Duncan McKie, President of the Canadian Independent Record Production Association, headquartered in Toronto. CIRPA represents the interests of 160 members involved in the production and distribution of musical recordings in Canada and around the world.

“The independent domestic record industry in Canada has suffered severe losses since 1999, and we cannot delay any longer in implementing reforms that will allow us to develop new business models while transitioning our companies
to the digital economy,” continued McKie.

The independent music sector in Canada is responsible for about 20-25% of all music sales in the country and almost 80% of the titles produced. The “indies,” as they are often called, produce a number of notable and successful acts, including Patrick Watson (Justin Time/Secret City), this year’s winner
of the POLARIS Music Prize, whose recent disk achieved Gold (50,000 sales) in Canada.

“Investment in Canadian musical talent from domestic sources will certainly decline unless we have a stable legal framework to develop our
companies and their artists’ careers,” noted Grant Dexter, President of Maplecore Entertainment, whose artists include indie stars Kathleen Edwards, Joel Plaskett, Martha Wainwright and Neverending White Lights. “We have seen the effects already as the sale and licensing of recordings has been significantly reduced due to unauthorized P2P filesharing without compensation.”

Despite occasional hard-won successes, pressure on revenue that is largely due to illegal downloading has profoundly affected the independent =sector, which once could rely on income from recordings to finance artist
development. Without this income, not only the companies, but the artists they produce and manage, suffer.

Source: Broadcaster Magazine

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