we’ve got it going ON

// Wonderful trip! I’m making up for lost vacation time; I didn’t take a break for over five years working in the often creative, yet grueling & unstable broadcasting industry. Interesting news for Canadianas in media today; the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) launched an international print, online and six-week TV campaign www.omdc.ON.ca to showcase Ontario’s cultural media sector. The campaign is supported by print and online ads in a few different Canadian, U.S & U.K publications and one interactive website. Karen Thorne-Stone who’s the President & CEO of OMDC said, “Ontario is now a global hub for cultural content creation and distribution, and our creative industries are growing faster than the rest of the economy. That’s why we’re ramping up marketing to investors and consumers alike – and telling them that ‘We’ve got it going ON’ in Ontario.” The campaign is a push for consumers & investors to join in by buying Ontario’s award-winning cultural media products and investing in the province’s dynamic companies that employ more than 300,00 people in Canada.