breathtaking boobyball 9

Comps to photographer Steve Carly

//This year, Rethink Breast Cancer hosted another amazing Boobyball to raise more awareness on breast cancer. It was all about paying tribute to the world’s most iconic nightclub, Studio 54. As Rethink puts it, “we’re mixing seventies disco Kings and Queens, Warhol Factory artists, glam rock royalty and urchins of the night. The event is going to bring glam back in a big way!! And did it ever! Young and old philanthropists showed their support, and just came out to play, in some pretty inspiring costumes. Rethink partnered with MTV again to produce a new commercial spot (cameo by MTV news host Aliya-Jasmine, also the co-chair for Rethink’s annual Boobyball) to promote the event, and were on site to cover the whole bash. Photos were being sold as a part of the auction this year, photographers had 1 hr with the same group of people to get their shot. Here is a look at some of the Studio 54 inspired photoshoot. Look out for more disco diva pics of the event, sure to pop up on in the next week.

Update: Pics are up @