nike – back in time installation

// It’s been a long time and I’m not sorry. I am apologetic for not posting in so long (from daily to almost monthly) but I’m not so sorry for the reason. I’m busy working on an interesting start up that has been a great experience. I decided to grab the publicized works of Kustaa Saksi when I had a few minutes to check out the artist’s Nike instillation. It has been described as a “pop-art, retro feel that fits Nike’s history as a brand.” His work is posted here for a look, I recommend it.


Compliments of the cool hunter: photos of the installation – 1948 is Nike’s creative playground-retail store in the old brick railway arches of Shoreditch, London. In addition to displaying and selling shoes, 1948 offers an entire art floor for events, installations and assorted fun.

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